2019.2.3 Release Notes [August 17, 2020]

Release notes for version 2019.2.3. Version published on August 17, 2020.


Hyperlink to Aircraft Tail and Flight Number [AC Core]

Quickly pull up the aircraft tail maintenance screen or flight setup by clicking on the tail number of flight number in the pax grid view.  

Email Mobile BP to Passenger [AC Core]

Right click on the print BP button and an option will be shown to send the passenger a mobile optimized BP. Passenger must have an email address on their record.    

Added LIF to BRS App [BRS]

Integrate LIF on the BRS Application. Add Planned and Actual tab on Breakdown->Load tab to show the planned and actual hold loads.  

Other Improvements

AC Core:
  • Aircrafts Grid Update. Update the aircrafts grid to show the list of tails under each aircraft type.
  • TPA Shuttle Pass. Ability to issue a non vetted pass to access through the eGates and proceed to the terminal.
  • TPA Barcode Mapping to Terminal. Added drop down for terminal access and mapping to flight number on barcode for data validation.
  • French APIS. Support for submitting APIS data to France.
  • Covid Page for Kiosk. Added acceptance page on kiosk for inputting covid related travel restrictions.
 Web Check In:
  • Website Accessibility. Optimized Web Check In Interface to support accessibility requirements.
  • Camera Passport Scan Web Check In Integration. Ability to allow passengers to populate passport data by taking or uploading a photo of their passport from their mobile device.
  • Covid Page for Web Check In. Added acceptance page on web check in for inputting covid related travel restrictions.
  • Flight Alert Subscrition UI Updated. Enhanced the web check in interface to capture additional opt in elements for flight alerts.
 Web Services:
  • WorldTracer Integration with SITA.
  • Flight Alert Web API Update
  • Google Pay Web API. Added the ability to create a Google Pay Boarding pass via the web API.