2019.2.4 Release Notes [October 23, 2020]

Release notes for version 2019.2.4. Version published on October 21, 2020.


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Multi Currency in Ancillaries

Added ability to specify accepted currencies and exchange rates and the default currency for the carrier.  Ability to charge and collect in multiple currencies are dependent upon payment gateway capabilities.

Collecting Ancillary Payments in Multiple Currencies

Charge passengers for ancillary items based on certain criteria such as country defaults, PNR currency and others.

Setting Containers and Holds in Aircraft Configs

Aircraft configuration now includes the ability to specify if the aircraft is containerized for loading.  This will allow the additional configuration of Holds, Compartments and Positions to be utilized for loading via the BRS.

Containerized Loading in BRS

The BRS module now has the ability to add bags to Containers and entering in containers into positions on the aircraft. 

Health Check Rules

Health Check Rules can be setup on a country or airport level for passenger screening.  The rules allow for flexibility in dynamically changing country requirements and the ability to tailor to operational needs for verification points.

Passenger Health Check Status

Flights that have a Health Check Rule applied will require a passenger Health Check status to be set.  The default value is Not Set.  Agents can right-click a passenger record to set a status or find more detailed information upon opening the record.

Damaged Bag Flag & Limited Release Form

Added ability to specify individual bags presented for check in as damaged.  Includes an option to print out a LRF on BP printer.

View Imported Manifests

Right-click menu option on the flight now allows an option to view all imported manifests.  

View Flight Close-Out Messages 

Right-click menu option on the flight now allows an option to view all Flight Close-Out Messages.

Country Calling Code and Flag Added

Ability to edit existing country codes and adding in calling code associated to the country. This is used for SMS notifications and passenger contact details.

Default Timezone Display for Grid Timestamp Columns

Default timestamp column to use user defined timezone type with an option to switch by right-clicking on the timestamp column header. 

Search Option in User Permissions

Quickly search for the applicable User Permissions in the User Category Maintenance.

Miscellaneous Items

  • Ability to send out SMS Boarding Passes. Ability for a passenger to send a link to a mobile boarding pass via SMS message to their phone.
  • Supervisor Override when Deleting Sorted/Loaded Bags. Deleting a passenger or bags from Airline Choice where the bags have already been sorted/loaded show an alert to the user. It notifes them that the bag has been sorted/loaded and require a supervisor override to still delete.
  • Bag Delete Audit Trail. Update passenger audit trail to show bag details when the bag has been removed. Add bag remarks to audit trail details.
  • Increased Bag Tracking Data Retention in BRS. Increase bag tracking data retention to 365 days.
  • Audit Trail will now show if someone has offloaded a passenger that was checked-in.
  • Web Service intergration with SkedFlex