2021.1 Release Notes [April 22, 2021]

Release notes for version 2021.1.

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System Maintenance/Configuration Changes

Countries and States have moved to a centralized database and are not editable by end users anymore.

Health Check & Security Rules are now managed centrally from Airline Choice Administrators.  

If you need any changes or modifications, please reach out to help@airline-choice.com

Major Updates:


Passenger Notification System

Pax facing notifications can now be managed in the Carrier Setup Options.  The following passenger notifications are currently supported via email and SMS:

  • Flight Delay
  • Gate Change
  • Boarding Opened
  • Bag Loaded 


Seat Map Attributes for Window, Middle Aisle Seats

When creating new seat maps or updating existing seat-maps, users will now have to designate the seat as an Aisle, Middle or Window Seat. 


Inter Airline Through Check-In (IATCI) Integration

Completed IATCI (Inbound & Outbound) capabilities.  


Flight Lock

Added ability to "lock" a flight restricting opening, viewing or exporting reports, manifests, etc in the case of an incident.


SITA/ARINC CUSS 1.4 Certification for ADA Devices

Completed certification on SITA and ARINC kiosks for CUSS 1.4 enabling the use of Navigation Keypad and Text to Speech (Accessibility / ADA requirements).


Soft Delete on Bags

  • Printed bag tags will now never be permanently deleted from the system.  If a bag tag has been printed and then removed, the bag will show as a "soft delete" showing a red strike through similar to a no-showed pax.
  • Carrier preference to permanently delete bags vs showing a soft delete.  This is only applicable for bag tags that have not been printed. 


Baggage Tab Updates


BRS Enhancements


Changes to Miscellaneous Bags (Crew / Comat / Comail / Rush)

  • All Miscellaneous Bags can now be processed and reconciled through BRS.
  • When adding bags via the Load Tab, you can now specify Bag Type.

Gate Pass Module Updates

  • Restrict gate pass issuance to an individual (set number of passes allowed over time).
  • Right Click in Requestor / Escort Section enables set to last entered data.

Flight Close-Out User Interface

APIS Close-Out Messaging screen has been updated to more clearly present relevant flight information to the agent including departure countdown clock, routing, check-in and boarding status.  This change has also been applied to the Crew Close-Out Messaging screen.


Embross Fast Kiosk Integration

Integration with the Embross Fast Kiosk application.  Enables touchless check-in through Embross Fast Kiosk enabled devices.


Airline Choice Mobile (iOS) Updates

  • Lock designator in the Flight Schedule indicating a Flight has been locked.
  • Enhanced Health Check Rules handling.  Designator on pax tile along with check-in restriction on swipe to check-in functionality.
  • Printed bags that have been removed will now appear dimmed out (soft delete) 


Other Updates:


Master Crew List Menu Renamed

The Master Crew List menu is now called Personnel Lists. This menu now contains the MCL and Employee List.  Employee Lists are not currently used but reserved for a future update.


User Preferences Update

Added option to show country flags in fields where country is present.


PDF Boarding Passes now Printing Priority 

PDF Boarding Passes able to include Priority if applicable.



  • Bug on boarding exit row on iOS (already in PROD).
  • Limited Release Tags in French printing.
  • BP Printed Indicator Inconsistency.

Chat with Support Agent in Knowledge Base [In Beta]

When logged into the knowledge base, you will see a new option to Chat with an agent to open a support ticket or ask a quick question / inquiry.  Chat is currently available M-F during standard business hours.

Use the scroll bar to reach the Your Chats option. Users will be able to review previous chats as well in this area.

Use the Your Chats icon (circled in red) to start chat with an Airline Choice support rep.