2022.1 Release Notes [March 2, 2022]

Changes / Updates

Flight icons in Active Flight Bar Show ETD/ETA when there is a Delay or Difference from STD/STA:

  • Where ETD/ETA is different from STD/STA, the icons in the Active Bar menu will show the ETD/ETA when hovering over with the mouse.

Flight Tile Shows Status of On Time or Delayed:

New Icon on Inbound Flights on BRS App:

  • Added arrival icon for flights arriving at the selected airport to better differentiate departing/arriving flights.

Modify Aircraft Holds to Allow Grouped Weight:

  • BRS validates scanning weight total for holds to stop. Example: 
    • HOLD: AFT
      • COMP 1 Max Weight (2,700 kgs)
      • COMP 2 Max Weight (1,000 kgs)
      • TOTAL COMBINED Max Weight 2,700 kgs
  • Includes adjusting the BRS app UI to show Max Hold Weight.

Remove Restriction on Processing ADL for Checked-in Pax:

  • Added carrier setting that needs to be enabled that allows changes via ADL (seat change, cancellation, etc) for passengers that are checked-in.

Add Workflow Action to No-Show Not Boarded Pax:

  • Added an action that can be set in workflow steps to NO-SHOW passengers that were not boarded.  This is applicable for passengers who did web check-in and did not show up or pax that checked-in but did not make it to the gate on time.

Reject Characters in Rush Bags Numers - Only Accept Numbers:

  • When adding Rush Bags, the bagtag number will not accept alphabetic characters, only numeric characters to avoid issues with BSMs.

Additional Column Fields to Flight Schedule:

  • Added ETD, Departure Status & Workflow Stage as column fields
  • New field showing status of Delayed / On Time 
  • Cell will be highlighted in red for flights where the ETD is later than STD

Audit Trail Enhancement to Show Manual vs Scanned Boarding:

  • Added logging in Audit Trail to show the source of boarding process (scanned BP vs manual entry).

Updated App Gateway Branding & App Icon:

  • Updated app gateway background splash and logo on login page
  • New app icon

Added Booking Number in No Show Report in Airline Choice:

  • Added Booking Number column in the No Show reports generated by Airline Choice.

HTML Citrix:

  • Citrix HTML is now live, you can run Airline Choice from a web browser without having to install Citrix Receiver/Workspaces. Just go to app.airline-choice.com Enter in your citrix credentials and it will launch the app using the browser. Please note, there is currently no local access (export/import files from local hard drive). 

Added WORKFLOW STEP as a Column in Flight Schedule:

  • Added the option to add WORKFLOW STEP as a column in Flight Schedule. This displays the current step applied to the flight if applicable.

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug printing 2nd bag from API screen: An issue has been fixed where if you try to print a 2nd bagtag from API screen (baggage tab), system would assume it's a reprint and prompt for supervisor override.
  • BRS Flight duplicated: An issue has been fixed where some flights were showing duplicated in BRS app after changing airport code.
  • Flight Import Duplicate Error: Fixed issue that affected some multisegment flights imported from SkedFlex where the 1st leg would not get copied over to Airline Choice.
  • Issues with Activating Bags on Connecting Flights: Fixed bug that affected bags activation on connecting flights. It will now activate the bag on the second flight once activated on the first.
  • Row 1 Exit Row on Web Check In.  Fixed bug that would show aircraft wings duplicated on web check in seat map for certain aircraft configs with row 1 set to exit row.

2022.1 Application Change Log

Feature ID Name
1877 Integration with WorldPay PSP
1879 Enhanced Billing Reports
1881 Migration of Settings Manager
1882 Addition of Workflow Action to No-Show not boarded pax
1883 Enhanced Flight Schedule Grid for Highlighting Delays
1884 Added Booking # to No Show Report in AC Core
1886 Ability to automatically clear & remove unpaid charges from self service channels
1888 API Integrations with iBS iFlight Lite
1889 ARINC HTML5/Signal R Certification (ARINC cMUSE Windows 10)
1890 Updated Sales Transaction Report
1891 Modify Aircraft Holds to Allow Grouped Weight
1892 Import Gate Pass API for Upload
1893 Ability to specify API call triggers via Workflow Steps
1894 Refactoring Weight Distribution Report Calculations

Updated Icon on inbound BRS flights

2003 Carriers Table Service Data Moved to Centralized Point
2012 Flight Schedule Dashboard on AC Mobile v2 (unreleased)
2768 Remove restriction on processing ADL for Checked In Pax, added as preference
2769 Database Optimizations 
2770 Bug Fix for Printing 2nd Bag from Pax Form
2774 Boarding Zone Logic Enhancements
2776 Add Workflow Step to Column Chooser in Flight Grid
2777 Reject characters in rush bags (only numeric field)
3019 Connecting Flight Bug Fixes
3062 Admin Portal Enhancements and Bug Fixes
3063 Enhance Tooltip Hover on Flight Tiles
3064 Bug Fix for CC Processing at EASE CUTE stations for Authorize.net
3066 BRS Bug Fix on Showing Duplicated Flights
3067 Row 1 Exit Row Bug Fix
3068 SkedFlex API Import Duplicate Enhancements