2022.3 Release Notes [Aug 4th, 2022]

Changes / Updates

Change "Printed on" Timestamp on Reports Footers to UTC:

Changed timestamp on reports footers from CST to UTC on all reports:

Different Seat Cell Color for Non Existent Seats:

When there is a seat assigned (or preassigned) that does not exist in the aircraft configuration, the cell will show the seat in teal color instead of the pink color that is used for dupe seats.

Infant in Seat vs Infant in Lap Restrictions:

Infant in lap will not allow/accept bags added or ancillary charges to be added. 

Infant in seat will be identified via SSR (eg. INFS) and it will allow bags and ancillaries to be applied.

Infant in seat on web check will be allowed to select all bag/charge options. 

Add "Restricted Worklow Step" User Permission:

Added a new user permission called "Select Restricted Workflow Step" which will allow users with that permission to trigger workflow steps labeled as "Critical Steps".  Users without this permission will not be allowed to trigger it.

Added "User Restricted" Checkbox to Workflow Step:

Add a checkbox on workflow steps to designate that step as requiring the critical step security permission, allowing only those users to move a flight into that step.  If agent does not have permissions, an error message will pop-up.  This should be available to set on any step.

Automatically Add Check-In Fee:

Ability to automatically add check-in fee to passengers checking in at the airport under certain conditions.

Refund on 777 Payment Gateway:

Ability to process refunds through Airline Choice for customers using 777 Payment Gateway.

Audit Trail Enhancement on Transferred Passengers:

Added functionality to transfer the current audit trail of a passenger when transferring over to a new flight.  It will display the audit trail from the original flight on the new flight. 

Temporary Seat Hold on Self Service Channels (Kiosk & OCI):

Passengers with a pre-assigned seat that then select a new seat during the self service check in flow will have the new seat in a "temp hold" status (both original seat selection and new seat are then shown as unavailable on the seat map).  The passenger will have 15 minutes to complete the payment transaction, at which point the new temp seat will be committed as their permanent seat and their original seat assignment released as available.  If the passenger does not complete the transaction, the new seat will be released and the passenger will still have their original seat assignment.

NavBlue Integration:

Created WebAPI for integration with NavBlue

Adding Terminal Information to Airports for Gate Pass:

Ability to add "Terminals" for Airports that use Gate Pass so it can be added in when requesting a Gate Pass (specify the terminal the Gate Pass is valid for).

Adding Enhancement to Bingo Stickers on Windows BagTag Configuration:

Added Flight Information to Bingo Stickers on Windows Printers.

Bug Fixes:

Carrier API Interface Not Saving:

Fixed a bug where API interfaces were not saving when editing carriers

Tail Number Not Showing on iOS:

Fixed a bug where the tail number was not displaying on iOS app.

2022.3 Application Change Log

Feature ID Name
5191 Change Auto Seat Assignment from GetCheckIn-PNR to CheckInPNR Preference
5198 Change "Printed On" Timestamp on Report Footers to UTC
3706 Carrier API Interfaces Not Saving
5189 Master Crew Member API Addition in Postman
3073 Business Objects API Integration
5207 Non Existent Seat Highlight Variation from Dupe Seat
5196 User Restricted Workflow Step Security Restriction in User Category
5197 Add "User Restricted" Checkbox to Workflow Steps
5182 Automatically Add Check-in Fee for Airport Check In
5192 Refund capability with 777 Gateway
5210 Audit Trail Enhancement for Transferred Pax
5172 Temp Seat Hold
5215 TailNo Bug on Mobile
5180 Windows Print Bag Tag Enhancements on Bingo Tags
5173 NavBlue Integration
3292 Gate Pass Enhancements for Terminal / Time allocations
5174 Auto-Seat Assignment Enhancements
5202 Aircraft Tails to Database Connections Management (AC Portal)