2022.4 Release Notes [September 14th, 2022]

Changes / Updates

Boarding Validation Check (iOS app):

Added a validation check when using the iOS app to scan a boarding pass to look for flight information and sequence number to avoid boarding people in the wrong flight.

Data Validation Stripping on Special Characters Coming from WebAPI:

Added a validation that removes special characters in fields where they are not supported, for example if a passenger adds special characters like # or . when entering an address during web check-in these characters will be stripped and not parsed into AC.

Seat Charge Difference Calculation:

Added the functionality of making a price difference calculation when passengers pay for seats.  If a passenger paid for a seat valued in $10 and then selects a seat worth 20$ the system will charge the price difference of $10.  If the situation is that a passenger changed from a more expensive seat to a less expensive seat, the transaction / charge will be $0.00.

Please keep in mind that this is a carrier setting.  If you wish to enable this, please contact us. 

Gate Pass Public API:

Enhanced calls for Gate Pass Public API.

MSR CC Scanner Integration:

Added support for MSR CC Scanner (USB interface).  This will allow to scan and populate any open text field selected on screen.  Keep in mind that this support is "as is" and there is no configuration in the system or PCM, this is a Plug'N'Play device.

Define Workflow Action Sequence:

Added the functionality to set the order in which the actions in a workflow step will be performed.  To set the order you can right-click on the action and a menu will display MOVE UP or MOVE DOWN.

To configure this, go to Maintenance --> Workflows.  Select the workflow template you wish to edit and go to the Workflow Steps tab.  Select the step you wish to edit and if you right-click on an action, you can move it up or down to determine the order of the action.

Differentiate Sales Channel for Ancillary Items (Kiosk / Web / Counter / Gate):

Added a field for custom Ancillary Reports that will display where the ancillary charge was from, if it was from Kiosk, Web, Counter, or Gate. Please note that this is for the CUSTOM reports, not the reports we pull from the Core APP.

Add Indicator to BSM for Gate Checked Bags:

Added an identifier element for bags checked at the gate for BSM messages.

Ability to Set Custom Color for Selected Workflow Step:

Added the ability to define colors (background and foreground) to better identify workflow steps on a flight level.

To do this, please go to Maintenance --> Workflows.  Select the workflow template you need to edit and go to the Workflow Steps tab:

Edit the Step you want to edit / assign colors to and you will see the option to add the colors for back and foreground.

Click OK to save.  On a flight level, it looks like this:

Messaging Log Table:

Added the functionality to view the messages transmitted on a flight.  To access this, on Flight Schedule right-click on a flight and select VIEW FLIGHT MESSAGES.  This will display the IATA messages (PRL, PNL, PFS, etc) as well as the BSM messages, API messages, IATCI, messages. You can filter the messages if needed.

To access this feature, locate the flight in the Flight Schedule, then right-click on it and select VIEW FLIGHT MESSAGES:

This will open up a window with the messages transmitted for the flight:

Clicking the envelope icon will open the message on a read-only view.

Mobile Setting Screen (iOS):

Added the Printer setting screen on iOS to configure Bluetooth Printers or IP Printers.

Do Not Display Closed/Archived Flights (Manifest Portal): 

Adjusted the Passenger Manifest Portal so that it does not display flights that are in CLOSED or ARCHIVED status. The portal will only show those flights set as ACTIVE and/or SCHEDULED.

Manifest Portal Upload Cutoff (Manifest Portal):

Adjusted the upload function in the portal so that uploading option is not available once the PNL cutover threshold has been reached. 

ARINC API for Biometric Boarding:

Added the functionality for ARINC to call our API to board/unboard passengers using biometrics.

Bluetooth Printing from Mobile App (iOS):

Added functionality for the app to connect and print to Bluetooth printers.



Manual Boarding Behind Filter (Bug):

Fixed a bug where if an agent used a filter on boarding (example entered in a seat number), and boarded the passenger, if the agent continued to click the board button (green arrow) it would continue to board passengers on the list even if they were not displayed on screen.

Aircraft Tail API (Bug):

Fixed a bug where using the call for Aircraft Tail in our API would result in systemwide aircraft being displayed.

JFK Kiosk Scanning (Bug):

Fixed a bug where PCM would stop running and freeze in JFK kiosk resulting in the kiosk not requesting to switch the ID and would require to be restarted.