2023.1 Release Notes [February 14, 2023]

Summary of Changes by Platform:

[Airline Choice Core]

Delay Categories:

  •  Allows for the user to define custom categories for group delay codes. Some categories have been predefined based on the IATA standards. (Ie. internal; passenger / baggage; cargo / mail; handling, etc.)


  • The user will be able to go to the delay codes and choose a category and designate the control status.

Once passenger notifications have been completed, these features will become available for the user. If the delay is triggered, the user can setup Email reasons and SMS reasons. The user will also be able to specify user-friendly text for user notifications. It will be available in multiple languages.

 Password Protect Reports:

This will be used for the Auto Watchlist Vetting reports. This can be done via Carrier Setup by selecting Watchlist, and then Report Open Password.

PLEASE NOTE: The user can request an autogenerated secure password by contacting AC support if the user doesn't have a Citrix account.

Boarding Screen:

A "Carry-On" filter has been added to the Boarding Screen. This will allow the user to view which passengers have added a carry-on bag by an SSR or via the application.

Identity Based Screening - IBS:

Identity Based Screening or IBS has been added to the system for team or group management.
This new feature will allow the user to use the Known Travelers List to generically select         passengers for additional screening.  This is to be primarily used for sports teams and common carrier groups in charter situations.

More information can be located within this KB article: IBS Screening

Restricted Workflow Steps:

The ability to add the user credentials to progress their account toward the next restricted workflow step was added.

This will be able to be authorize through user credentials or the supervisor's password. To authorize permissions to the next workflow step, select the restricted workflow step user permissions for this restriction. Then, a prompt for a username and password will appear.

This will appear in the audit trail and Flight Exceptions Reports.

Blacklist - Alert Only:

A check box to "alert only" has been added. Currently, whenever a name is triggers the blacklist alert, the user is prompted to select either match or no match.  This new feature will allow for an only a pop-up notification to appear which the user can acknowledge. This will appear in the audit trail and Flight Exceptions Reports.

Flight Schedule Maintenance Permission:

Flight schedule maintenance button now has a separate user permission and will be off by default.  

Non-Rev Waived Seat Charges:

The SSR codes of NRSA and NRPS can now be triggered to zero out charges for airline employees seat selection.

Remarks Overhaul:

Passenger remarks have been overhauled into a tabs interface. This interface will segment out reservation remarks and other remarks into a separate tabs.

1. The first remarks field is the standard / basic remarks.

2. The second remarks field are for remarks coming over from the reservation system [read only].

3. The third remarks field are for miscellaneous remarks. The third remarks box can be renamed  based on the airlines needs and can be managed through the backend settings by Airline Choice staff.

PNR Grouping:

The ability to allow the user to group selected PNRs into groups has been added. This can be performed by going to column selection.

Right click on CHK Group.


Click YES and then your passenger will have the grouping letter of A added.

The user will be able click to and highlight multiple passengers to add all of them to the same grouping at once.

Maintenance Menu:

Some categories have been grouped together and consolidated for easier reference in the maintenance menu.

[Mobile App version 2023.1.1]

iOS Password Management:

The ability to reset passwords on the iOS app has been added.


More information can be found here: iOS User Password Reset

Record Lock:

In the iOS app, a "passenger record locked" function has been added to display when someone else tries to display a passenger on another device or the core application that has already displayed themselves on their own device.

Child Icon:

The child icon has been updated to a more generic icon on the passenger list.  This will display regardless of child gender.

Flight reports:

The functionality to VIEW and/or EMAIL reports from the main flight screen has been added.

Swiping left on the type of report that the user wants will allow for the report to be viewed or sent by email.

Added option to view UNVERIFIED PAX (Docs Not OK):

  • The function to display passengers whose documents have not been verified has been added. This can be located under the Quick Actions section of the main flight screen:

 This will be displayed on the list of passengers whose documents are NOT verified. 


GO-SHOW on Pax List Page:

The function to add passenger (GO-SHOW) from the main pax list page on a flight level has been added. This can be located on the top right of the Passenger list screen.

Ability to Refresh Flight Dashboard Page:

The function to refresh the main flight dashboard page by pulling down and releasing has been added. This will refresh and update any information that has changed (pax count, boarded count, M/F/C/I count).

Showing Flight Date on the Flight Dashboard Page:

The function to display the flight date on the main flight screen has been added.

Passenger Age on Pax Record Screen:

When opening a pax record, the user will now be able to view the current age of the passenger.

Display Warning for Travel Documents Expiring within 6 Months:

A visual warning has been added when a travel document is set to expire within 6 months of the departure date.

Pet Count on Flight Dashboard Screen:

The flight dashboard screen will now display the number of pets added to the flight when using SSR code (PETC for example).

[Bug Fixes]

Correct Pax Count on Boarding Screen: 

  • An issue was fixed where pax count appeared different than actual checked-in pax count when on the boarding screen.

Flight Search Fix:

  • An issue was fixed that was caused the flight search to display all flights when changing from active to scheduled even when there were filters in place (i.e., flight number).

Infant in Lap Alert:

  • An issue was fixed that caused a prompt stating that a seat is required prior to check in when attempting to check in infant in lap.

2023.1 Platform Change Log

Feature ID Name
AC-5432 Intelisys Passenger Manifest Import API Bug Fix
AC-6254 Boarding Page Filter for Carry-on Bag SSR Passengers
AC-6130 Identity Based Screening Module
AC-3371 Optimization of Remote Check-in APIs (Micro Services)
AC-6253 Travel Document Scanned Indicator
AC-6278 Security Permission for Flight Schedule Maintenance Button
AC-6269 Saving Flight Segment via API Validation
AC-6266 Add NRSA and NRPS SSR Codes for Seat Charge Allowance
AC-6324 Passenger Remarks Enhancements - Additional fields
AC-6323 PNR Groups
AC-6325 Customized Flight Ops Summary Report
AC-6277 iOS Password Management
AC-6607 Ability to Password Protect Auto-Watchlist Vetting Reports
AC-6609 Security Audit Trail
AC-6612 Delay Code Enhancements
AC-6628 SSBD Bag Induction Open Time Validation
AC-3722 Add Go Show Pax Functionality on Passengers List on Mobile
AC-6265 Input user credentials for workflow step
AC-6281 iOS - Add Refresh (Pull Down) on Flight Dashboard
AC-6334 Darwin PSS WebHook on Workflow Change
AC-6280 iOS: Warning about no seat assignment for infant appears even when there is a restriction to assign seats to infants
AC-6299 Passenger Record Locks on Mobile
AC-6327 Realigned Prod / Training / Test (UAT) Environment
AC-6611 Delay Categories
AC-6610 Re-Grouping of the 'Maintenance' Menu Items
AC-3687 Flight Reports on Flight Dashboard on Mobile
AC-5414 Checkbox on Blacklist Record for "Softblock"
AC-6296 iOS UI Changes/Updates
AC-6302 Fix current child icon from female child to generic child icon
AC-6279 iOS - Ability to block/unblock seats thru the app
AC-6252 Gate Pass API Multi Submission
AC-6235 Switch between Prod and Test Env on Mobile
AC-6247 Ability to Change Workflow Step on Mobile
AC-6220 Verify Docs on Mobile
AC-6271 NavBlue API Integration UTC Flight Times
AC-6273 Migrate 3rd Party API Interface Triggers to Airline Choice API
AC-6272 Public API Crew Members Update
AC-6258 iFlight Web API Push Update
AC-6228 Report Generator