Airline Choice (iOS) Quick Reference Guide - Version 2023.1


  1. General Considerations
  2. Starting Airline Choice for iOS
  3. Airline Choice for iOS Main Screen
  4. Printer Setup
  5. Passenger Check-in
  6. Flight Schedule
    1. Filters
  7. Flight Dashboard
    1. Workflow
    2. Passenger List
      1. Adding Go Show
      2. No Show / Vet / Check-in from the main passenger list
    3. Flight Reports
    4. Docs Not OK
    5. Seat Map
  8. Flight Boarding
  9. Password Change


  • Airline Choice runs on iOS 15.0 or later, iPad OS 15.0 or later, or a Mac with M1 processor.
  • Download Airline Choice App on mobile device.
  • Request mobile access from the administrator to access the app.
  • The app runs on Mobile Data and Wi-Fi. Using public Wi-Fi is not suggested as it's not stable and may result in app disconnection. 


 Once you launch the app it will prompt you to enter your username and password along with the database code.  

Note: The database code is the user's 2 or 3 letter carrier code.

At the bottom of the screen, the environment can be changed for the app from PROD to TEST if the carrier has a Test Database set in Airline Choice.


Once logged into the system, the main screen of the app will appear.

The main screen has the three main shortcuts: Check-in, Boarding, and Flights.  


This screen will allow for the user to enter a PNR and LAST NAME to find the passenger without having to search for the flight first.


The user will find the flights that are ready to be boarded on this section.



In this section, the flights that are active, scheduled, closed, and archived can be found. Additionally, the ability to search for previous and/or future flights is available.

On the top left corner of the main screen, there will be three horizontal lines. This will display the app information, current user logged in, the database selected, as well as the option to change the password (if permissions are enabled for the user), the app settings, and log out.


Airline Choice iOS app supports IP Printing and Bluetooth printing. The app uses ZEBRA ZQ620 for boarding passes and ZQ610 for bag tags.



1.) Pair the printer(s) within the iPhone's settings application.

2.) Turn Bluetooth on within the iPhone and then turn on the printers.

3.) Pair the designated printer(s) with designated iPhone device within the phone's Bluetooth setting page, both iPhone and printer(s) should be connected and ready to print.

After pairing, go to the Airline Choice app then select the SETTINGS from the top left corner of the main screen. There will be an option for the user to select either the BOARDING PASS and/or BAG TAG. Once selected activate the ENABLE BLUETOOTH PRINTING OPTION

If using IP printing, in the settings section enter the IP and PORT for the printers.


Check-in can be done either from the main screen (via the CHECK IN option) or by selecting the flight from the flight schedule screen and selecting a flight.

On the main screen from CHECK-IN selection, the user will be prompt to enter both PNR and Last Name.

Once the information is entered. Select SEARCH. The active flights will show if the match is found.

Select the passenger box to open the passenger record.

To check and verify the passenger's information scroll down and view the SSR, REMARKS, CONTACT INFORMATION, and DESTINATION ADDRESS fields.

If travel documents are required, please select the + DOC icon.

Please note: The scanning option is not available at the moment. All the documents must be entered in manually. Please review and verify the data entered to avoid any issues with customs authorities.

At the bottom of the screen, there are action icons to browse through the PAX INFO screen, BAGS, SEATS, and the CHECK-IN pages.

To add BAGS, select the Bags icon at the bottom of the screen and it will direct the user to the baggage section for the pax.

Select the bag icon and the + sign in order to add bags.

To delete a bag swipe left to show the DELETE icon.

This will give a prompt for confirmation.

Once confirmed, the bag selected will be grayed out.

The seat icon will display the seat map. Select a seat to assign and/or change the passenger. 

Once everything is ready for the passenger to be check- in, select the check-in icon.

To check the pax, select the CHECK-IN (PRINT BP + BT), and if the printer(s) connected, it will print the BP/BT. The user can be able to send the BP via email by using the EMAIL BP function and/or the ability to receive the BP via a link thru SMS by using the SMS BP function, if the carrier has a SMS provider integrated with AC.

An alternative way of checking the pax in is presented in the FLIGHT SCHEDULE SECTION.


The FLIGHTS function on the main screen will direct the user to the fight schedule.

To search for flights, select the ACTIVE drop-down menu to select the type of flights.

The user will be able to filter the flight information (date, status, origin and destination airport) using the FLIGHT FILTERS. 

Once the flight has been located and selected, it will open the flight dashboard.

The flight dashboard contains a series of elements:

  • Flight Number and Tail Assigned on the top of the screen.
  • Route and departure and arrival times
  • Flight Status (On Time or Delayed)
  • Gate information
  • Departing countdown and ETD
  • Check-in count and Boarded count
  • Pax breakdown (M/F/C/I)
  • Bag Count and Weight
  • WCHR pax
  • PETC
  • Passenger shortcut
  • Boarding shortcut
  • Workflow template step (you can change the step if the user has permissions)
  • Reports menu
  • Unverified Pax list
  • Seat Map display


If the flight has a workflow template assigned, it will display in the flight dashboard screen.

The user can be able to change the workflow step by selecting the current workflow to display the list of available steps. (User permission is required.)



A pop-up window will display to prompt the user to select and confirm the workflow status.


Select the PASSENGER function to go to the passenger list.

The user can filter the list to display ALL passengers, CHECKED-IN or NOT CHECKED-IN. Additionally, the user can select a passenger record to modify, add bags, assign seats, and check-in. 

Select the + icon on the top right corner of the screen to add a GO SHOW.

The Last name, first name, and gender are required mandatory fields that must be completed based on the routing of the flight. Once entered, the RED text will disappear. The passenger will have the option to add the bags by selecting the BAGS icon. Additionally, the seat icon must be completed to proceed to the check in process. To exit the record and vet passenger select the SAVE icon.  

Swiping left on the passenger list will display the option to VET, CHECK-IN or NO SHOW a record.


The functionality to VIEW and/or EMAIL reports from the main flight screen. This will display the list available reports. 

Swiping left on the type of report that the user wants will allow for the report to be viewed or sent by email.

The functionality to VIEW will allow for the report to be viewed in the PDF version.


This will be displayed on the list of passengers whose documents are NOT verified.


This function will allow to display the seat map showing the seat assignments.

Selecting the BOARDING icon will direct the user to the boarding screen. This will be presented in the following section.


This functionality is to display the flight dashboard located on the main flight screen.

The camera icon on the top right corner of the screen will allow a user to use the iPhone camera to scan the barcodes. The user will be prompted to grant permission. 

Once permission is granted, the user will be able to scan the barcodes and the passenger will be boarded.

Alternatively, the user can enter the seq number and select the BOARD icon.

When you entered the wrong seq number (of a pax that has not checked in) it will display an error message.

If the user selected the PAX LIST icon located at the bottom of the screen. The user is prompted to select either NOT BOARDED or BOARDED.

Keep in mind that the NOT BOARDED list will contain passengers who are ready to be boarded. Not checked in pax will not appear here.

Selecting the pax will prompt the user to board.

To OFFLOAD a passenger, go to the PAX LIST and select the BOARDED section then choose the pax name and confirm.


If a user belongs to a group that has permission to change other users' passwords, they will see the option to change passwords on the main config menu (the three horizontal lines on the main app page). 

To get to the user's list select the USERS function and to change the password swipe left.

Selecting the padlock icon will direct the user to the screen to change the password.

The password change will follow the policies that the carrier has in place.